Do You Know Bitcoin Much More Popular Than Trump & Kim K On Google Trends

According to Google trends, the term “Bitcoin” appears to be much more popular. Currently, BTC is also outperforming some of the most consistent popular search terms of last few years.

As per a post by the company ConsenSys, the term Bitcoin is more frequently than other consistently popular searches.

According to a post by Ethereum-focused blockchain software company ConsenSys, the term “Bitcoin” is being searched for will more frequency that many other consistently popular searches.

Comparing Bitcoin with “Donald Trump”, ConsenSys found the previous 12 months has seen two popular terms jostle for dominance with “Bitcoin” breaking out in recent months.

Also, two more terms “Tesla” and “Kim Kardashian” were in comparison. Although “Tesla” outperformed  BTC in last twelve months, it now has equal popularity as BTC.

Crypto Versus Cryptocurrency

As per the web analysis, Google users prefer to search the term “crypto” over “cryptocurrency”. Moreover, there are only a few nations that still prefer to search “cryptocurrency” term, wherein India, Malaysia, kenya and Nigeria are among this group. Probably, it is because of the fact that many find typing eight more letters hideously laborious.

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