Bitcoin Again Below 10K!! Some Jumped to Get it While Some Wish for More Drop

  • Bitcoin again within the 10K bracket after surpassing above $10,000.
  • Some big players like Jason Williams bought his share of Bitcoins whereas Josh Roger wished still more drop with the prices.

Bitcoin Enters and Exists 10K Club Within a Day!

Some moments back, Bitcoin followers rejoiced after Bitcoin surpassed the $10,000 threshold. Their joy went into vain within 10 min which demolished the 24hr efforts to reach the milestone. Bitcoin again slipped below $10,000 to $9,600.

Bitcoin Enters and Exists 10K Club Within a Day!

Binance CEO CZ also put forth his take on the developments on Bitcoin with a tweet.

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I Am Buying Bitcoin – Jason Williams

Jason Williams, Co-founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital which is a cryptocurrency based investment firm, recently tweeted about his new additions of Bitcoins in his collection.

Jason regularly publicly displays his volume of purchase and upon that the fact that emerges that he has bought 84 BTC in the last two months.

He too mentioned in another tweet of his, about the GrayScale Trust purchasing 1.5 times more than the mined bitcoin since the halving event. He also told that this institution could buy every possible mined Bitcoin and might posses approx 450,000 BTC’s alone among 21M available Bitcoins.

Josh Rager Wishes Still more Drop-in Prices

Josh Rager, the founder of, an educative platform on blockchain and cryptocurrency, wished for still more crashes with the Bitcoin price. He desired the prices to come down to $7K at least once before regaining back to the highest level.

Many people called him selfish but some of them joined him. The catch behind hid desire could be analysed that, Bitcoin price may slash more in coming days. This might be a new way to present a price prediction.

Whole of it 

Bitcoin prices tend to fluctuate every day and every hour. So it is very important to follow the market updates and recent developments before investing. In the end, it can be said that market research can make you a ‘Millionaire’ and at the same time save you from bad times.

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