Bitcoin at $12k Or Ethereum at $500 – What Will Happen First?


    The world’s first and second largest cryptocurrencies are going through a bullish trend nearing the threshold mark. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently struggling to touch their respective heights of $12000 and $500.

Bitcoin at $12K Might Be Coming Soon

The very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is all set to have a major bull run with huge predictions by the crypto bulls. In a couple of instances, bitcoin failed to reach $12000 and bounced back with hardly a gap of less than $10. However, it seems that the Bitcoin price is gaining momentum and could possibly reach $12000 and may also cross very soon.

Currently, at the time of reporting, Bitcoin is trading at $11869 against USD with a positive change of 1.07 percent within 24Hrs. The analyst predicted that if the digital asset successfully maintains itself above $11850, then very soon it will reach $12000. We have witnessed in the recent days that Bitcoin struggled in a very narrow range to touch $10000, but in no time, it reaches and also crossed to touch another height of $11000.

Ethereum at $500 – ETH’s Bull Rally is the Talk of the Town

With the Bitcoin bullish rally, Ethereum’s outperformance has been outspread in the crypto community over time. Ethereum also has managed to reach above $400 rallying over 10 percent. ETH has broken the $400 and $420 resistance levels and currently on a strong bullish path to attain $500.

Ethereum’s price is trading at $349.20 with an uptrend of 2.57 percent change which indicates a major bull rally for the digital asset. Many reasons pop up for the surging price of the digital asset. One of them might be the growing Defi on the Ethereum’s network. Other reasons include the anticipated ETH 2.0 launch.

Bitcoin $12000 first or Ethereum $500?

The world’s no.1 and no.2 cryptocurrencies are on the verge to record their respective all-time heights very soon. Some of the analysts predict the event might occur within 24 to 48 hours also.

Having said that, Bitcoin insight provider, The Moon tweeted that Ethereum’s breakout might be an indicator for the Bitcoin’s breakout and it might pump up above $12000 to reach $13000. However, many crypto enthusiast believe, Ethereum touching $500 would occur before that of Bitcoin. 

What do you think, will Bitcoin hit $12K first or ETH cross $500? Let’s discuss on Twitter?

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