Bitcoin and Its Forks Mark Notable Gains in the Last 24 Hours


    Bitcoin crossed a milestone of $18,000 in a very short period of time, showcasing a strong potential to reach ATH very soon

    The fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Vault and Bitcoin Cash ABC, fork of Bitcoin Cash, also recorded spectacular uptrend

Bitcoin stands strong above $18,000

Bitcoin aprrears to have adopted a specific trend of getting rejected at the levels being considered as the ‘next stop’. Previously, Bitcoin has been rejected multiple times at $10K, $12K and most recently at $16K.


But currently, Bitcoin surpassed $18K easily and also sustained above the mark.In fact, it had dropped nearly $1000 as soon as it touched $18K, but recovered within no time. This shows the tenacity of the BTC price to strongly head towards its goal of forming new ATH.

Interstingly mentioned by anonymous analysts PlanB, the difference between Bitcoin smashing $18K currently and in 2017 is most of the Bitcoins are bought by professional investors. They have a long term vision. And therefore, the Bitcoins are expected to be locked in deep cold storage.

At the time of reporting, Bitcoin price stands strong at $18,027.11 with a gain of 7.76 percent compared to that of the last working day. However, Bitcoin needs to go up only 20 percent to touch its all time high.

Bitcoin Vault and Bitcoin Cash ABC too follow 

The fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Vault(BTCV)  also has marked decent gains in the recent times by consolidating post correction phase. At present, BTCV price hits above $100 to touch $104.05 with a gain of 8.67 percent.

On the other hand, the fork of Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCHA) is showcasing some promising gains. BCHA price maintains its uptrend since its inception, a couple of days before. The asset has gained nearly 46.08 percent in just 24 hours attaining $20.86 at the time of composition.

In short, Bitcoin and its forks are heading strongly towards their respectable targets. While Bitcoin leads the bull run, its forks are expected to follow the most dominant crypto in the market. 

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