Bitcoin & Ethereum Price May Reach To These Levels By Next Week


    Bitcoin and Ethereum both are losing their grip over the bull run nowadays and hence the traders also are very uncertain about the price

    Despite the lower levels, the prices are expected to surge in the coming days by smashing the levels

The Bitcoin price since the price slash has not shown the tendency to rise above the levels till now. However, it did multiple attempts to jump towards the north, yet dropped to its initial levels. A similar trend was also seen with the Ethereum price as it also fails to move and sustain above $2500. Despite the bearish trend, yet the analyst believes much fruitful week is waiting ahead for both the assets. 


The crypto space is filled with many speculations and predictions, yet some analyst strongly believes these pullbacks are temporary. One of the popular analysts, Galaxy has predicted the price to rise above the target by next week.

The analyst predicts BTC price at $42K and ETH price at $3k in the coming 5 to 7 days. And hence keeping the hopes alive for the bull rally to resume very soon. 

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Bitcoin Price Death Cross Expected Yet Not Validated!

Conpedia earlier reported about the upcoming death cross in the coming weekend, yet according to the reports, it may occur later in this month. But the intensity of the death cross is yet to be known. 

This is not the first time, BTC price is encountering such a situation, yet it has survived many since 2013. Each time, the price has slashed nearly 70% and regained in equal the next bottom. Each time the retracement periods are similar prior to and after the death crossover.

 The recent death cross in 2019 & 2020 did not have a similar impact as before. And according to a popular analyst,  Rekt Capital, if the upcoming DC may drag the price to as low as $18,000.

The analysts in a series of tweet explained the death cross event since the inception and its impact on the price. The analyst also said that the price have its crucial support levels at $32K and $29K. And if the price slumps below these levels, then the DC will be validated.

After the market slash, the entire crypto space is looking for a massive breakthrough that can uplift the Bitcoin price and the Ethereum price to the next level. And if the BTC price sustains the upcoming DC, then the recovery may be imminent.

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