Bitcoin ABC Proposes Date for November Hard Fork

It has been almost three months since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network was launched to the cryptocurrency community. Hence, the BCH protocol is holding its own potential to build its infrastructure in the Crypto market.

However, the project developers and BCH community involving the removal of the Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA).

Problem associated with the Bitcoin Cash EDA

When Bitcoin cash forked moved away from the main Bitcoin blockchain, one of the most significant barriers the new coin experienced was attracting hashpower.

It experiences this because the EDA automatically adjust is reverts to network situations to ensure that Bitcoin Cash remains lucrative to mine.

Early days, Because of the high difficulty and slow block times the blockchain was plagued. But the Bitcoin was more profitable to mine than Bitcoin cash.

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However, miners can exploit the EDA by mining Bitcoin till the profitability of Bitcoin cash increases and at the same time difficulty plummets.

This is the reason to switch a valuable amount of hashpower over to Bitcoin Cash, causing blocks to find almost every minute.

Eventually, this leads to triggering another EDA, which makes Bitcoin cashless lucrative to mine, and the majority of the miners turn back to Bitcoin.

Because of the above reasons, Bitcoin ABC has introduced a hard fork of the Bitcoin cash protocol to precise the problems related to the cryptocurrency’s Emerging Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) algorithms.

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Bitcoin ABC’s Proposal

A hard fork is introduce by the Bitcoin ABC in order to enable an update Difficulty Adjustment Algorithms (DAA) which is based on the D601 algorithm is develop by the Bitcoin ABC’s Amaury sechet.

According to the announcement of the Bitcoin ABC, the new DAA looks forward to achieving the below goals:

  • Alter difficulty to hash rate to aim a mean interval of a block of 600 seconds.
  • Refrain the instant changes in difficulty during the hash rate is stable.
  • Alter difficulty quickly when rash rate alters quickly.
  • Refrain oscillations form feedback between hash rate and difficulty.
  • Be resistant to attacks such as timestamp manipulation.

Bitcoin Classic declares that the updated software is available on November 1 and the hard fork will activate on 13th of November.

Classic Developer Criticizes Proposal

Although the requirement for upgrading the DAA is agreeable in the Bitcoin Cash community. Bitcoin ABC has to allow criticism for this particular proposal.

Tom Zander, Bitcoin Classic developer, did not crumble words about the proposal. It is declaring in a blog post that he found it “very worrying”.

Therefore, the prepares plan to implement the D601 algorithm was “close-door decision” ahead for “political” issues, not technical efficiency.

He said

“I have not seen any simulation, no responses to criticisms made on the mailing list. Not even a statement of what the design goals were. When the outcome is to pick your own algo, and not provide any research  should be asking hard questions. I’m seeing a repeat of the EDA, same person ignoring feedback and doing a last moment political movement”.

Finally, he concluded that “Even Core performed better than this,” referring to the general declaration by Bitcoin cash. Since Bitcoin regulates by the developers rather than decentralized community agreement.

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