Binance Support The Zilliqa (ZIL) Mainnet Token Swap

ZIL mainnet token swap gets support from Binance. Deposits and withdrawals of Zilliqa will suspend at Binance from 2019/04/22. Also, the exchange to look after technical requirements for all users holding Zilliqa coin in their accounts.

ZIL mainnet is the first successful blockchain platform to implement sharding (it means splitting blockchain transactions into smaller parts- making the transaction faster and cheaper.).

The mainnet token swap means to migrate from Ethereum environment to ZIL own blockchain. Binance exchange supports the token swap from ERC20 to native ZIL tokens.

Moreover, even after the ZIL mainnet is online, Binance will continue to process the token swap. Even if you choose to deposit ERC20 ZIL tokens into your Binance account.

Once mainnet swap is complete, the exchange will make a separate announcement to notify users when withdrawals for ZIL native coin will be open.

Once the token swap is completed by June 2019,  Zilliqa will freeze all ERC20 ZIl tokens.

ZIl marketcap is $192,451,195 USD and ranks 40th. Moreover, Zil saw growth after binance announced the Zil mainnet token swap.

Few other exchanges which will support ZIL mainnet token swap are Upbit, Huobi,coinone, Bittrex, Koinex,, Korbit, coinbase, and coinbase pro. Do not send ERC20 token to wallets which do not support them.

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Binance Supports The Zilliqa Mainnet Token Swap
Binance Exchange supports ZIL mainnet token swap. Deposits and withdrawals of Zilliqa coin will suspend at Binance from 2019/04/22.
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