Binance made a New-Record – Marks Highest Trade volume in history


Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Space recently announced that it reached an $11 billion dollar trading volume in the past 24 hours. 

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance in a tweet announced that they created a new record after they hit nearly $15.9 billion in trade volume. It is an extremely high number and no one ever has reached this spot. 

A few Days back, Binance set one more record by holding $1 Bn in Stable coins beating the Huobi exchange figures of holding $694,327,505 stablecoin

He tweeted

“ Damn son, $15.9 BILLION a couple of hours later. Still going strong. FOMO mode now. Took a while, lol. Slowly but surely”  and posted a screenshot with the trading volume amount.

Highest trade volume

What made the trading volume go so high?

This happened as the price of BTC broke to $9000 in the morning from around $7800 for the past 24 hours. The Buyers and Seller rushed to put the trade calls like bulls

This Bitcoin Halving event seems to create history again. 

It is believed that the trading volume will rise up more in the coming days with the halving event approaching in no less than two weeks. Cryptocurrency is going stronger, new retailers are coming in the business. It is definitely expanding at an astonishing rate.

Reports say that other platforms are not able to cope up with the high trading volume whereas, Binance seemed to face no issues at all. This definitely is a plus point for Binance. In addition, in times of volatility Finance has injected extra funds too. 

Bitcoin Halving event

All the trends around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies presently seem Bullish. The Halving event has grabbed the media’s attention so much so that everyone is looking forward to that day. Seems like fortune is favoring the crypto-world.

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