Binance Locks Account After User Tried To Withdraw $60 In BTC

Binance has locked a user account when the user tried to withdraw $60 BTC. The Reddit user in his post has written his account was locked. Also he had to provide Facial ID and personal information even though after having successful 2FA and email verification.

As we all know Binance has a very strict verification to protect accounts. But the user complaint is for Non-verified account where the withdrawal limit is 2BTC. So, he is withdrawing less than 2BTC(i.e 0.015BTC) and he need not require to provide any personal information. The Binance team replied it was just a security measure to prevent the account from hackers.

The Binance Exchange team explained the reason for locking the account. As the process is new, and unfortunately it has become necessary to lock the account. Binance needs to keep up with current threats to user account security and this process is one of those new measures.

Further, the team said they need more information as they want to know the withdrawal is from the genuine user. Also they do not take note of the account balance, as any unauthorized access to a users account is a security issue to be controlled.

Again the user was arguing with the rules that he was trying to withdraw less than 2BTC and why he needs to furnish his proof of address. To which the Binance Exchange support team answer was the user has triggered withdrawal risk control.

Also, he needs to provide proof of address and Facial ID verification as the procedure is new. He also needs to follow the rules so as to protect the account from unauthorized access in the future.

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Binance Exchange Locks An Account After For Withdrawing $60 In BTC
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Binance Exchange Locks An Account After For Withdrawing $60 In BTC
Binance Exchange locks a Binance account for withdrawing $60 in BTC. Stay tuned for more Binance news and latest Binance updates.
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