Binance Launches Research Division- Its New Analytics Arm

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange yesterday announces the launch of a new dedicating division particularly for the industry analysis.

The new analytics arm will generate comprehensive reports regarding numerous coins, networks, etc. Moreover, it will specify detailed information about potential investors. Binance exchange announces the launch of this analysis division and gives a name as Binance research.

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Binance also releases an official post on November 8, 2018. It states about the new division motto will be institutional-grade research. Moreover, it will also focus to enhance transparency within a crypto industry.

Additionally, they are preparing to enchant their quality on research activities. The company is already reaping fruit as two analytical arm reports gets live and the coming weeks will receive many more.

Binance Reports

·         First report by the research arm is about one on the Loom network. Binance research report specifies an in-depth view about the project history. It also comprises of the milestones and projects’ historical price data. It goes to an extent to report a list of particular wallet addresses having a majority of a tokens.

·         The similar was GoChain. Its report also includes a project history, few developer’s information and price graphs/charts/sales data.

·         The next project displaying in the reports is PundiX. It covers detailed information regarding the project.

More reports on numerous entities will get a release over coming weeks. Binance intends to offer a comprehensive breakdown for multiple coins, networks, etc. This will give investors a clear idea prior of making any decision. The data displays facts, figures, charts, etc., about an individual subject.

Each report is divided into a number of different segments, each filled with data, links, references, tables, charts, and more useful information, all compiled in a single document.

Why Do We Need Research?

We have been observing a rapid growth in the cryptocurrency industry every year. By offering a detail view about coins and secondary info on investment options, investors will not play blind. Moreover, they can verify every aspect before coming to a decision.

Further, this research provides a written database regarding complete history incorporating every single coin together with networks. As this information prove to be of great help in the future. It also combats blockchain investments idea being sketchy without documentation.

What do you think about this decision and new analysis arm by Binance? Share your views with us.

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