Binance Coin Shows A Bit Hike, Binance To Launch A New Fiat Exchange in Jersey

While talking about the crypto market cap, there was a slight movement over the last 24 hours. Moreover, no dumps are found which results in the total market capitalization to continue above $120 billion.

According to market cap, the crypto Bitcoin controls above $3,600 support. Moreover, it hits an intranet high worth around $3,685 prior to pulling off, as the present third of a percent from the day. For bitcoin, last week shows over $4,000, however, due to the big dump, it continues to remain constant, fusing in this strict range for now.

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For Ethereum, there is yet no movement which seems to lull around $120. This figure is exactly where this crypto was yesterday at the same time. Ripple XRP drop a little slowing the market cap gap from second to the third places around $600 million.

Currently, the top ten cryptocurrency seems entirely flat along with no altcoins showing massive fluctuations more than a percent in any of their direction. On the other hand, EOS seems the only token which is showing a green signal. However, profits seem negligible and the last to talk about is Bitcoin Cash which is falling the most as usual.

The Other Coin Market Condition

Meanwhile, these are a group of coins in the top twenty that are playing their moves. However, profits shown are only around 3% or so. Some familiar names like Binance Coin, Cardano, and Maker are the only coins retrieving profits.

BNB cheers worth 4% just following its new announcement to launch a new Binance fiat exchange in Jersey. The left over coins are running flat or dropping down a fraction of a percent.

Moreover, today there are two altcoins showing a great dose of FOMO due to the ongoing Asian trading session. Namely, Augur along with Loopring is working 45%.

On the other hand, Power Ledger also seems to lift with 32% as well as Status occupies over 25%. The coins that are getting dumped include Buggyra Coin falling at 16%, next come to Aurora followed by Dentacoin which is dumping over 12% each.


Considering the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, it remains exactly where it was yesterday at this time- $121 billion. The overall markets show a better performance of around $2 billion within the last 24 hours. However, loses occurs again equally as fast. Lastly, the daily volume is still constant over $16 billion. It seems that this time previous week, the big dump initiates, however, since that instance markets are moving and trading sideways.

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