Binance Again Hit The News With Its Sub-Account Support Feature

Binance posts an official announcement on Medium about their new sub-account feature, expressing with this move it gets closer to a full-stack comprehensive offering for institutional clients.

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    Binance crypto exchange is continuously making one on one updates. The new release says that they are happy to reveal the launch of sub-account feature. Moreover, this facet will drive in enhancing managerial control along with asset audit tools helpful for institutional account holders. Meanwhile, Binance will give you complete control over your corporate trading strategy.

    We strive to fulfill the needs of our users and to constantly improve the user experience

    The plan to launch sub accounts seems one amongst most awaiting features. The company says that they were working on this functionality and are ready to provide the seamless facet to our institutional accounts.

    Moreover, this upgrade will serve unit seeking to roll on multiple trading accounts inside one organization. The ones looking to gain control over the access on an account level, here is your chance. The core account will have a sole control over the assets within the various accounts. Moreover, it holds an ability to set permissions if you wish to give. It also helps you grant distinct access levels around 200 sub accounts.

    This is a great opportunity for API users as each sub-account holds its set of API limits. This lets them trade with more confidently at a higher capacity. However, this news is not only an announcement by Binance this week.

    Recently, Binance completes distributing Crypto Bonus Miles (CBM) Airdrop. They are also accepting Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC for deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, they have Republic Protocol (REN) under their coin listing. Let’s take a look at the table summarizing the variations between master account | subaccount:

    Binance table on sub account and master account

    What Does The Sub-Account Dashboard Looks Like?

    Binance has a simple user interface of its sub-account feature. This dashboard panel also shows comprehensive balance reporting. Additionally, the new launch has navigational aspects and filters. Moreover, it classifies into five tabs:

    1. Account Management
    2. Asset Management
    3. Order Management
    4. Transfer History
    5. Login History

    Account Management includes creating new sub-accounts, altering status, security details, and ownership, along with the existing ones.

    Asset Management section enables a user to transfer funding amount at 0 costs.

    Order Management displays details about open orders, trade and order history. Moreover, a user can apply the filters for various options like a trading pair, sub-accounts, time, etc.

    Transfer History shows the information about the assets transferred with the parties involved within the transactions.

    Login History logs every detail about your login sessions.

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