Binance DEX Hard Fork Countdown Begins

The hard fork is scheduled at block height 49,721,000, on November 15th, 2019

As the year is about to end, yet another exchange is going through a hard fork. Binance Exchange has just now tweeted regarding their upcoming Heisenberg hard fork. The hard fork is scheduled at block height 49,721,000, around November 15th, 2019 at 5:00 AM (UTC). 

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The exchange has requested its full node users to switch their software version to v0.6.3 to avoid any network outages. However, this hard fork is only affecting the Binance Chain testnet. Moreover, The Binance Chain Mainnet hard fork schedule is yet to be released.

Why the name Heisenberg?

It is named Heisenberg as Quantum mechanics have seen major inputs from Werner Heisenberg. The Binance blog explains further about Heisenberg’s works.

What will happen after the hard fork?

The upgrade after the hard fork will not be compatible with the current version. After the hard fork, logic changes and the current business logic will no longer be useful. The full node users have to upgrade their logic accordingly. The BNB holder and DEX users are not directly affected as such.

Upcoming Changes:

There are many updates lined after this hard fork. Improvements like lot size enhancements, performance enhancements, bug fixes are some of them. 

We will keep you posted regarding the Binance hard fork. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 

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