Binance CEO Calls Self-Claimed Satoshi a Fraud, Citing Fcoin Exit Scam


Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of giant cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has called out Craig Steven Wright (CSW) as a fraud. Besides, he has related his activities to that of the extinct Chinese crypto exchange, Fcoin. Craig Steven Wright is the self-claimed Satoshi Nakamoto, who constantly claims to have invented bitcoin.


CZ Calls Craig Wright a Fraud

Tweeting earlier today, Binance boss, Changpeng Zhao or CZ calls Craig Wright a Fraud while mentioning FCoin in the process. He went on to say that in mid-2018 only, he stated Fcoin as a pyramid scheme which was bound to collapse. Interestingly, in his tweet in 2018, CZ notified the community that Fcoin CEO laid out a contrary aspect, claiming “his project a better invention than Bitcoin”. 

“I rarely called out anyone, with exceptions. On Chinese social media, I called FCoin a pyramid scheme in mid 2018. Their founder call his own plan a “better invention than #Bitcoin”. That did it for me. Who would say such a thing? About themselves? except scammers.” CZ tweets.

And now, the controversial crypto gentry is making another personality detection and alerting the community of Craig Wright. According to his tweet,

Community Response!

CZ’s declaration on Twitter fell on rocky sands as community members, particularly those who seem to support the Bitcoin SV (BSV) project lead by Craig Wright have reacted vigorously.

Some comments, however, called out CZ himself as fraud. They cited instances from Binance not headquartered anywhere, shutting down during BTC price crashes and similar conditions. According to a response to the tweet,

“Binance; zero patents, zero understanding of BitCoin, unknown office locations, lies about a hack, closes exchange when the market crashes. Yet CZ has the audacity to call CSW a fraud??? CSW is the only human with crucial blockchain patents, not Google or BOA. You are a FRAUD!”

CZ Gets It Right With FCoin

Based on calling out Fcoin earlier before now, CZ seems to be accurate about his then predictions. Last week, the administration of Fcoin, in a tell-all blog post, notifies its users that the platform was closing and would not be able to refund its users. The amount lost was around 7,000 BTC which equals to around $135 million dollars.

Following the incident, Tron boss, Justin Sun sends his regret for the pitiful event and offered Fcoin customers 1000 BTT to register on Poloniex.

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