Binance Academy Announces It’s Availability In Vietnamese

Binance Acacdemy is staying true to its commitment to serve a global community. The crypto education hub is finally available in Vietnamese.

Earlier today, Binance Academy announced via its Twitter channel that its publications are now available in Vietnamese. The move signals the platform’s first step in becoming an open-source educative ecosystem for the global community.

Binance Academy had earlier announced on November 2 that it will offer content providers $50 to translate 1000 words. Further, the announcement revealed that the reward will be paid in Binance’s native token, BNB. The post listed the languages which the hub is working on implementing into its platform. They include

  • Arabic
  • Polish
  • Vietnamese
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Traditional Chinese

However, Binance Academy will consider adding other languages in the future.

Terms and Conditions of the Translation Bounty Program

Binance Academy explicitly listed the criteria and the condition of the translation bounty program. Firstly, the submitted translation must be original and the hub will disqualify translators who utilize translating tools like Google translator. Also, the translation must remain true to the original content and it must follow the flow and structure of its source.

In addition, Binance will approve translators before they take on any project. The hub will not reward translations that are of low quality, and it has the right to disqualify translators from the program.

The post further stated that translators have 72 hours to translate each assigned project. The failure to complete this work in the stipulated time gives the hub the right to open the project for bids. Consequently, the translator who failed to complete the project will have a failed/lapse review on his or her profile.

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And translators who accumulate two failed/lapsed reviews will automatically be disqualified from the translation bounty program. The program runs a monthly billing cycle, as such, Binance Academy will remunerate translators on a monthly basis. As expected, the bounty program will reward translators by depositing BNB tokens into their associated Binance accounts.

Also, the hub will occasionally give bonuses to translators who have shown outstanding performance and quality output. Interested translators can apply to the translation bounty program by filling their form.

What is Binance Academy?

In August, Binance exchange which is the largest crypto exchange in the world launched an education hub dubbed Binance Academy. Binance Academy is a platform where newbies in the crypto space can access educative contents on cryptocurrency and blockchain. in particular, the platform serves as the bridge between experts in the crypto space and new entrants. Therefore, Binance Academy is working on becoming a global information and educative community.

Binance Launches Binance Research

On November 8, Binance announced via Twitter that it had launched Binance research. According to Binance, the division will carry out in-depth and unbiased analysis of digital assets which help crypto investors optimize their trades. As at press time, the platform has already published research reports on the Loom, Pundi X and Gochain network.

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