Bidorbuy South Africa sets on high level with Bitcoin

Evolution in Bitcoin price has set a high record this year, the business sector of South Africa to be online and enhance nation’s Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bidorbuy: South Africa’s version of Ebay

Approximately, a year ago South Africa’s online largest marketplace, it begins the radical experiment. The Johannesburg company allows its customers to pay in Bitcoin. Particularly, the company follows Ebay’s model by bringing sellers and buyers in the auction.

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Jaco Jonker, Ebay CEO explains,

“while transactions in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency remain a fraction of the site’s overall revenue, the adoption rate of this new and not very well understood method of payment is promising and we expect to see steady growth in the future”.

More Coming Online

Bitcoinzar, South Africa’s clearing house, list more businesses which are ready to accept and trade in Bitcoin. Accordingly, the bold steps of including cryptocurrencies in retirement portfolios is attempted.

According to the source, South Africa sets a new Bitcoin trading volume. However, a month ago, the country’s second largest retailer announced its plans to accept bitcoin.


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