Bezop, Cryptocurrency Platform Backed by John Mcafee Leaks Personal Information.

Bestowing to the report from Kromtech Security, the investors who invested money and time in John MCAfee preached cryptocurrency Bezop have become victims of data theft. The Startup firm supposedly left personal information of more than 25,000 investors on a publicly accessible MongoDB database. The Database includes links to scanned passports, driving license and all other forms of photo IDs.


Bezop Platform

Bezop is a cryptocurrency startup firm. It is designed to work as a distributed online retail platform for third-party sellers.

Bezop is a paid for sponsor and McAfee elaborates it as “it allows the simple and secure creation of e-commerce sites — searchable in the same manner as Amazon — but with no Amazon as the middleman.”

Bezop claims to be a secure platform. It doesn’t have done tremendous work for securing its investors’ information. The public database is accessible which is recent as March 30.

MacKeeper Security’s Comments

According to MacKeeper Security, it revealed every minute detail of investors. The information included scanned document images. Many thousands of individuals were affected by divulging of this information. The affected people include the investors and promoters who later were paid in Bezop’s tokens. These tokens were used to endorse cryptocurrency on forums and social media.

When inquired about the leak, Deryck Jones, Bezop Chief Technical Officer says, that the leak happened in January during the Initial Coin Offerings. Even though Jones asserts it was “disappointing”, he implies that all investors are informed at the time.

Early, Bezop had released a “bounty” program during the time of ICO. One of database exposed in Bezop database claims that the researchers were not protected by a password. This could be easily accessible by an unknown individual who took part in a program.

Other reviews on the leak of the information

Camelius Ubah, an engineer at Bezop discuss in a report that “this was newsworthy. This has already been addressed publicly on January 8, 2018,” “Sorry to inform you that this is not news to us neither is it to our subscribers.”

Kromtech says that “It does not seem to be a very good start for a company such as this to place personal information of anyone on the Internet and open to the public; especially it’s early investors,”

As the news spread like a wildfire, Bezop’s social media response has been rather mocking. It has to do many things about the multitude of scam responses in its tweets replied. This becomes a common problem with cryptocurrency promotion on Twitter in recent months.

Despite, the confidential news being leaked, bezop’s ability to handle the relative monument leak of information is been criticized. The bounty program has received special condemnation from contributors which promotes Bezop to follow up with an apology post of its own. It has moved forward to clear up the involvement of paid promoters like McAfee.

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Image Source:- Bezop

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