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Fintech Storm hosts a landmark Bengaluru Fintech & Crypto Summit 30-31 May. To identify and catalyse promising startups in emerging technologies and match them with the investor ecosystem.

Speaking on the vision, Bengaluru Fintech Summit is mainly focusing on Crypto, online-lending, blockchain and tokenization.

This summit allows you to run your investment rounds more efficiently and take your business to the next level. As well, Companies, funds, investment banks and accelerators interested in issuance of digital securities, and fundraising are invited to attend the event.

Basically, Tokenization is the process of converting some form of asset into a token that can move, recorded, or stored on a blockchain system. Also, to put it simply, tokenization converts the value stored in some object – a physical object, like a painting, or an intangible object, like a carbon credit – into a token that can be manipulated along with a blockchain system.

The tokenisation workshop on 31 May, This workshop will provide you with the best market practice and insights for the legitimate issuance, distribution, private offering and management of securities in a digitally wrapped form

Moreover, There are many ways that tokens can be classified. Tokens can be: single or multi-use, cryptographic or non-cryptographic, reversible or irreversible, authenticable or non-authenticable, and also, various combinations thereof.

The 3 main types of tokens are:

• A security token (as per the guidelines of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), or (SEC)

• Asset token (FINMA) Utility token (SEC) / Utility token (FINMA)

• Cryptocurrencies (SEC) / Payment tokens (FINMA).

Benefits of Assets Tokenization

1) Immutable — once an investor buys tokens, nobody can “erase” the ownership.

2) Accessible — tokens can access from any place in a world, 24/7, via e.g. a smartphone app.

3) Divisible — tokens hold a promise of greater liquidity which increases the expected value from trade and eliminates the need for minimum investments.

4) Cost-effective— tokens eliminate the middlemen. Which often limit investment accessibility by e.g. restricting investments to accredited investors only, demanding high fees and requiring access to stock trading accounts.

5) Transparent — tokens eliminate asymmetry of information present during the transfer of ownership

Why is real-world asset tokenization a game-changer?

The ability to represent the ownership of real-world assets on a blockchain can disrupt the way we manage assets. At the moment, big value investments like real estate properties, gold, famous paintings or other fine art pieces are reserved for the few. With new models of raising capital, secured by blockchain technology. There would be improved liquidity and opening up of new markets, the democratisation of capital raising and wealth creation.

Overall, considering all the things, Blockchain asset tokenization creates a new category of crypto financial products. And it is changing the traditional concept of ownership.

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