Bitcoin Cash Lead Developer Dismissed from BCH Slack Channel

Bitcoin cash major developer and dictator of major decisions of the cryptocurrency Amaury Sechet was shown the exit on the network’s official slack channel.

Bitcoin Cash lead creator Amaury Séchet has allegedly been expelled from BCH official slack channel. This came after a dispute that escalated after his proposal to reduce transaction time using the ‘ pre-consensus’ framework. Therefore, his dismissal was revealed by prominent Bitcoin advocate Roger Ver on Wednesday this week via social network Reddit.

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However, it follows an impending discussion on transaction processing time of the cryptocurrency. Mr. Sechet became very vocal of slack supporting a pre-consensus solution to transaction speed problem. However, his proposal was sharply reject by a majority of the community members.

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Moreover, a major supporter of BCH like Dr. Craig Wright stood on the frontline of rejecting Amaury’s Proposal threatening to fund a fork on the network should Amaury’s decision be implemented. The conversation on the slack channel became so serious leading to Amaury’s dismissal from the group.

“OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY is not happening. If a certain ABC dev wants to push this, then we will just fund replacement Devs. Trust me. There are others. Miners vote Think we are not serious. Watch the Axe fall.@CalvinAyre @yhaiyang “

BCH Freedom of Expression under Question

The dismissal of Develop Amaury Sechet from the BCH slack channel has raised questions of freedom of expression among the BCH Slack community. Many users from the wider bitcoin community took their grieve to reddit stating that such actions are directly contradicting with bitcoin founders vision.

Many users have also flocked twitter handles relating to Bitcoin expressing their dissatisfaction over the imposed control on the network.

Do you think the Bitcoin Cash slack channel moderator was unfair to remove Amaury Sechet from the network for expressing his views regarding a change in the BCH code?

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