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Is This A Good Time To Invest In BCH – Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

According to the recent Coinmarketcap analysis, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is a hard fork of Bitcoin experienced a tiny growth of 2.64%. Currently, the trading price of BCH is [coins symbol=”BCH”], with a market cap
[coinsMKTCAP sym=”BCH”] USD.

Recently, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is dipping its toes closer to the bottom of $120–$140 range in the month of March. However, the coin failed to reach above $140 and declined recently against the US Dollar. The BCH to USD pair broke to $128 with the price down of around 4% .

Previously, Bitcoin Cash enjoyed relatively high uptrend in February, pushing the price from $128.03 to $152.76. Anyways, in the early march the graph declined holding trading price  $124.

According to Roger Ver

Bitcoin Jesus has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin Cash since its inception and predicts that Bitcoin Cash might be 2 times more valuable in a years time. Bitcoin Cash is popular as it can be stored and spent similar to cash, which makes it possible to be used in day to day life activities.

On the other hand, in early January, the Bitcoin Cash team announced development plans for coming years. Moreover, the changes will affect both the blockchain and the wallet.

Considering all the things, it would be interesting to know further developments of Bitcoin cash and how it influences the price growth.

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