The battle to create the Amazon or Instagram of cryptocurrency

There is an extreme hype around the entire cryptocurrency space which is evolving the money market. Still, there is yet to be a pioneering native app.


Recently, there was argument between Chris Dixon investor and Fred Ehrsam (Coinbase founder). However, they said that the significance of the rise of cryptocurrencies is undeniable.

investors and crypt believers concerning where the revolutionary idea depending on blockchain and cryptocurrencies will come from. Who will create what Instagram is for mobile photo sharing or what Amazon is for native web app for e-commerce?

Programmability of money or value

About Andreessen Horowitz’s tech podcast “Why Crypto Tokens Matter” is discussed by Fred Ehrsam and Chris Dixon on its missing piece of the puzzle. They even describe the significance of cryptocurrency and its fluctuating analogy of how the web changed information.

It is the first time that web allowed programmability of information, cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, toekns allow programmabiiltiy of maney for the first time.  The progress of web allows for operating global scale for new business. Therefore, they feel that the same potential cryptocurrencies will offer.

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E-Commerce innovator

Amazon is being inspiration when it comes to native web apps for E-commerce. It has taken over 20 years to get to its current size. Unlike Noble and Barnes, they didn’t try to keep one foot in traditional retail with their brick and mortar stores and one in the web world.

Mobile only photos

The mobile-only world arrived 10years ago. Initially, mobile apps were modeled after website crams a large amount of data fit for a web page on to a tinier mobile screen. Instagram changes the paradigm however and creates a mobile only photo app that did not have webpage.

The native Blockchain business?

Moreover, it is hard to even say what the defining blockchain business that define how a revolution will look like. There are many ICOs and companies which are trying to be the genre-defining one. Especially, Ethereum and smart contracts but till date nothing is gaining big enough traction to be noticeable.

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