Barcelona-Based Shoe-Maker Sees Hope in Cryptocurrency

Tiago Maximo who owns Urban Shepherd boots wants to try accepting Bitcoin payments for his sales in addition to expanding the business online.

Tiago Maximo who runs the Urban Shepherd boots business says his profits are minimal given the high charges by banks and credit card terminals when doing transactions.

The company makes traditional Portuguese work boots. He developed the idea from his father who was a farmer and shepherd in the rural of Portugal. Although the family supported Maximo’s business, he wanted to grow it further though organically.

The business is limited to growth by the fact that it attracts smaller profits. Due to high costs charged by third parties and that’s why he got interested in Bitcoins.

He said,

“The fluctuation of cryptocurrency and the time it takes to arrive in my bank account are the two main issues now.”

He told TechCrunch that the concept and philosophy of cryptocurrency make sense. However that the market “needs it” because there is demand.

He currently earns mainly from the physical shop in Barcelona but hopes to move to an online shop.

“That’s our main objective. The shop in Barcelona has the showroom. The income has to come from the shop online.”

He also hopes that he can add more shops in addition to accepting Bitcoin payments.

“I really would like to be one of the premiers of blockchain try my percentage of my sales to be in Bitcoins.”

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