Bank BlockChain Now Live in Hong Kong

There is a new development on how to carry out transactions in Hong Kong as we now have collaboration with a bank in Hong Kong on blockchain transaction.

This will see a change in the way bank operate in the Asian business hub as they collaborate and form a similar trade as we trade in Europe.

The Purpose of the Collaboration

There is a future in blockchain and the cryptocurrency and the ease to provide in doing the transaction. Now, with the advancement in technology, you will expect places like Hong Kong to adopt blockchain in their banking operations.

The adoption of blockchain in the Hong Kong bank will not only reduce the time in carrying out transactions but will also help check on fraud. They will help ion reducing enough bank delays used in banking and in the process cut on time spent in these processes. They have partnered with some banks, and they include

  1. HSBC of London
  2. Standard Chartered of London
  3. Agricultural Banks of China of Beijing
  4. BNP Paribas of Paris
  5. Hong Kong Monetary Authority- is the center

Will It Be the Future of Banking?

The Hong Kong Collaboration with the blockchain will be watched closely by the world as this will determine the future of banking. Other international banks are in collaboration with this Hong Bank, and it will be the perfect platform to learn how this process works. They will have a first-hand understanding of the working process, and it will be easy to adopt if successful.

How BlockChain will Revolutionize Banking?

It is believed that blockchain is the future of banking and it will change the way we carry out banking transactions.
With blockchain, it will be much easier to do business online internationally. Anyone can easily transfer a huge amount of cash.

Hong King is transforming its banking system and as blockchain goes live. It is a bid to meet up with the demand of its business class. Hong Kong is an international business center, and this new development will help the banks and clients operate faster.

Eyes on Hong Kong

The financial world will have its eyes on Hong Kong as they revolutionize their banking sector. They are looking forward to doing business with blockchain. If it becomes as successful as many financial analysts prediction, then Europe and America will also adopt blockchain.

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