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BAND, SNX, OMG Accrue Loses Amid Thriving Altcoins Market

Amid impressive profits recorded within a rising total crypto market capitalization in the last day, many altcoins are taking the brunt of the market forces.

In the last 24 hours, BAND is seen to have to lead a moderate market plunge with an 8% loss. SNX and OMG, however, are nurturing the common touch with little fewer percentage losses too.

This version of market watch sheds light on the top market gainers and losses of the past 24 hours for investors to consider before diving into investing in their desired cryptocurrencies.

#1. Band Protocol (BAND 8.1% Loss):

BAND makes the first position on our top losers’ list. The coin is down by around 8% in the last one day.

Around 85% of respondents are bullish on BAND and the coin gears up for some more gains in the short-term.

The price record looks nice. Starting from the one month longer term of 230% gain, BAND has accumulated  roughly 64% within the last week. Accordingly, there has been around 2.5% gain since the last hour.

Current price of BAND is $3.95 as the coin continues to document a higher market cap at around $89 million.

#2. Synthetic Network Token (SNX 5.14% Loss):

SNX takes the second place on our list today. The crypto gained around 5% since the last day.

Almost 100% of market respondents think SNX will accrue gains in the coming days.

The coin is one of the top gainers in a one-year timeline with about 1,500% gain since last year. SNX is up by around 190% since last month and 56% since last week. The coin keeps making gains to present with around 4% in the last hour.

The losses accrued comes after the coin made massive profits early on into the new week. This is in combination with Defi token rallying recently due to institutional interests in crypto expressed recently by Grayscale.

SNX currently trades at $3.43 with an average daily market cap of $374 million.

#3. OMG Network (OMG 2% Loss):

After its popular rebranding from OmiseGo, OMG is taking a top spot in the free markets. The coin is up by 8% since the last day.

Around 94% of market respondents are bullish on OMG and it seems the top coin is en route accepting gains to cancel out its year loss.

During the last year, OMG went down by merely 3.8% and has recorded gains in all other time frames since except the last out. It records 8.5% gains since last month and 10.2% since last week. About 0.1% has also been listed in the last hour.

The prevailing price of OMG is $1.64 with an average market cap of $230 million. Also, over $61 million of volumes was recorded since yesterday. 

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