Defi Tokens Surge – BAND, LINK And LEND Making Profits


As the market sentiments swing bullish, we observe a parade of Defi tokens taking a bull run while other categories of cryptocurrencies nurture the common touch. The leading gainers today, BAND takes the lead, together with the LINK and LEND.

Top Gainers (Defi Wave)

#1. Band Protocol (BAND 8.32% Gain):

Band chart

BAND is the most remarkable gainer today. With extra 8.32% today, the coin shifts gains to around 28% for the last week.

With 82% market positiveness, BAND gives rise to wide bullish signals and may climb as a result.

BAND has established the central resistance at the $13.75 level and has set extra support at $13.0. In the situation that a price dip occurs, the next level of secondary support fibs at $12.75. Although an upside action is most inclined from here, additional resistance lies up the chart at $14.0 area.

Technical Indicators

  • Next major resistance at $13.75
  • Next major support level at $13.0
  • Resistance Strength Index returned form the 80.0 overbought condition

Bullish ride trends on top of Bollinger indicator.

BAND is now trading at $13.20 and its markets are valued at $269 million. 

#2. ChainLink (LINK 7.05% Gain):

chainlink chart

Being second on this list, we have Chainlink. This significant cryptocurrency which has already delivered more than 14.7% gain within the last one week is noting additional gains this time.

Abundant traders are bullish on LINK and prices may behave very bullish in the short term.

The coin is up by over 720% in the last year and roughly 122% within the last month. Although it forfeited 0.4% in the last hour, LINK is positive in the daily timeframe.

Technical Indicators

  • Next major resistance at $16
  • Next major support level at $15.5
  • Resistance Strength Index entered the 70.0 overbought condition and may drive prices down in a possible correction.

LINK is trading at $15.77 and its market cap is fluctuating around $6.0 billion.

#3. Aave (LEND 6.94% Gain):


Having accomplished gaily within the last year with around 14,000% profit, the coin collected earnings last month with 92.1%. Also, last week, LEND gained around 32%. The cryptocurrency is down 0.1% in the last hour.

Now changing hands at $0.8, it peeps like the market awareness is bullish in the short term. 85% of market respondents are bullish while 15% continue to be bearish on LEND.

Technical Indicators

LEND/USD looks bullish with prices soaring above the top of the Bollinger Band. There’s an apparent price improvement above the Bollinger top where prices may lead the way to the $0.9 level.

  • Next major resistance lies at $0.85
  • Next key support level at $0.80
  • RSI penetrated the 70.0 level and further move upwards seems highly possible.
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