Baidu Introduces A New Plug and Play Blockchain Platform

Baidu is a Chinese giant who recently introduced a blockchain platform for simplifying commercial deployment specifically for DApps aka decentralized apps.

On Thursday, Baidu Cloud officially made an announcement about the Baidu Blockchain Engine also known as BBE platform. This platform touts as an operating system which let the developers produce and develop blockchain applications. Some applications to implement can be mobile apps.

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Moreover, such ideas can get around storage and computing hurdles that are holding back the potential of blockchain. BBE is said to be developed on the ABC, which stands for AI, Big Data, and Cloud computing tech stack. This project will enable clients to develop and explore ways commercializing blockchain.

The system will host on prominent cloud platform of Baidu which currently uses a modular blockchain framework. They intend to offer the developers a set of multi-chain system which involves dapp templates, smart contract templates, along with other services which in turn help to make development easier and fast.

This project is also supporting the deployment in the client ongoing enterprise frameworks. The setup will be a highly available and robust blockchain BAAS platform. It will intentionally support several blockchain scenarios like consortium and private chains.

Considering consumer-targeting finance, BBE assures features like credit, metering and transactions. Moreover, the system will have the ability to support the validation of 50 billion worth tokenized assets.

Looking at the company, they have already shown activeness regarding the blockchain front. Recently, they released a white paper relating Xuperchain blockchain network. They have also announced a photo app along with a space game operating on the blockchain.

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