aXpire Partners with Binance Chain

aXpire, introduced in 2017, is one of the Blockchain ERP SaaS FundTech company. It offers a wide range of products and services. Recently the company announced to partner with Binance Chain.

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Basically, Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community.

The partnership consists of moving a portion of the AXPR token’s total supply over to Binance Chain and into a BEP2 token format. This will be tradeable on the Binance DEX after the community approves of the listing.

Also, it allows aXpire to take part in the non-custodial future of trading. It is supported by an organization with a clear plan for themselves, their community, and their exchange’s positioning in the ever-growing crypto space.

Reason Behind Choosing Binance Chain

The aXpire team believes that Binanace chain has an immense impact on the entire ecosystem. Also, the platform claims that – “Binance assured to help adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology”. Thus, as an adoptable blockchain-agnostic DApp provider, aXpire see’s Binance Chain as a best-of-breed, low latency solution for future fintech applications.

As a part of the integration, we will operate a cross-blockchain bridge, created by our friends at Fantom, allowing the AXPR token holders to move freely between ERC20 and BEP2 AXPR.

The aXpire platform also claims that “Interoperability” is a key part of this integration. And thus the platform is excited to enable there a community to experience the speed, security, and superior user experience of the Binance Chain.

Interoperability is a key part of this move, and it’s a key part of the future of the space itself. aXpire and Binance understand this fact and are “skating where the puck is going” to disrupt ourselves.

On July 1st, 2019, users can convert their ERC20 AXPR into BEP2 AXPR via the bridge, and trading will become active on the DEX with an AXPR-BNB pairing.

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