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AVAX, EGLD, MATIC Price Surge With Massive Gains – HODL or SELL?


The entire cryptomarket appears to be poised towards the newer highs as the major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum sustain above certain levels. Moreover, the other altcoins also follow the top assets to surge with a decent margin.

The bitcoin price also successfully maintained above $39,000 showcasing a bullish momentum. Ethereum price appears to be self-assured to surpass its highest levels very soon. Amid the bull rally, cryptos like Matic network , Avalanche, and Elrond price surged remarkably. 

Avalanche(AVAX) Price

AVAX price

The AVAX price since its inception remained off the shore and maintained a normal trend below $10 till the end of 2020. Further it gained a very strong bullish momentum since the mid of January 2021 and surged like a giant.

The AVAX price at the time of writing id $30.14 with a jump of nearly 43.72% in the last 24 hours. The surge led the asset to enter the top 35 of the cryptocurrency rankings gaining the 34th spot.

Technical Specifications

  • The AVAX price is trending at its highest ever possible levels and hence the asset is expected to hit more highs
  • The support levels are formed at $23 and later at $16
  • The indicators point out towards a ‘buy’ signal

Matic Network (MATIC) Price

The MATIC price experienced a series of spikes since the inception. However, the current spike has broken all the resistance levels and attained the highest ever positions close to $0.08 in the early hours of trade.

MATIC price

At the time of writing the MATIC price is $0.07805 with a jump of nearly 53.11% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume also increased massively with more than 416% and could hit $300 million very soon. The market cap currently is $392,006,107 with a jump of 54.46%.

Technical Specifications

  • The MATIC price is trending at the higher resistance levels and hence the price may attain still larger highs in the coming days.
  • The support levels are formed at $0.04728
  • The indicators point out towards a ‘strong buy’ signal

Elrond (ELGD) Price

The ELGD price hits the highest levels at $196.63 in the early hours of trade, woefully experiencing a slight pullback from those levels. The price trended below $20 for a much long time but raised above the levels and stuck to a bullish momentum rallying hard.


The ELGD price is currently in price discovery mode as cited by many and hence not influenced by bitcoin or ethereum price rally. At the time of writing, the price is $179.66 with a massive jump of nearly 60.34% in the last 24 hours.

Technical Specifications

  • The Elrond price is trending surrounding the higher resistance levels closer to its ATH and hence yet another uptrend is imminent
  • The support levels are formed at $133 and later at $94.6
  • The indicators point out towards a ‘buy’ signal
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