Australians Can Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum at Newsagents

More than 1200 newsagent across the country will offer service to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum for the Australian crypto enthusiasts’ people.

Australian residents can be able to purchase BTC or ETH with just $50, and email address and a phone number. The cryptocurrency can be in your wallet within minutes by just scanning a QR code.

The cryptocurrency exchange is offering the service. This company has excellent endeavor work on cryptocurrencies making accessible for all.

Rupert Hackett, CEO of said

“Using newsagents provides consumers with a convenient as well as trusted way for investors to buy cryptocurrency.”

Further, he added,

“When your product is digital it can be hard to gain trust from consumers because there’s no tangible product being hand over,”

However, this recent news excites the crypto market of Australia. The country is relatively silent on the cryptocurrency front for several times.

This is also the excellent news for the zealous crypto people where they can spend cryptocurrency at a very lower rate.

How to purchase BTC and ETH?

To purchase BTC and ETH, buyers are required to download a digital wallet on your smartphone or desktop.

After successfully downloading the wallet buyers can scan a QR code using iPad mini at the newsagent, and accomplished the transaction. detect 5% transaction fee for this service. The buyers can easily purchase the cryptocurrency with a minimum amount of $50 along with significant information.

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