Australian Boost Juice is giving each bitcoin for four weeks

The Australian juice company Boost is giving away four Bitcoins, once a week, for consecutive four weeks to those who buy juice and enter a code in the Boost app in Android and iOS version.

How to Win Bitcoin on Australian Boost

Are you in Australia? Well!! You could just enter Boost Juice’s competition and win a bitcoin. The website states three simple steps that lets you earn Bitcoin.

1: Buy a Boost

2: Get your code

3: Enter your code on the App; iOS and Android Apps

Additionally, the website gives information about “what is Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

News comes after the official announcement by Boost Juice on Facebook,

We’ve discovered the perfect product to pair with a refreshing Boost Juice. BITCOIN! 
Ok, it made more sense when we were brainstorming… but it’s too late now, we’re full steam ahead! 
Buy a Boost, download or update the Boost app and you could win one whole Bitcoin thanks to our mates at CoinJar!

What is Boost Juice?

Boost Juice is an Australian smoothie and juice chain trying to go worldwide. Thus, anywhere in Australia’s shopping mall, there are at least three Boost Juice centers. The company is now paring up the Australian cryptocurrency exchange, Coinjar. Therefore, it allows to buy or sell bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

The announcement post wrote that,

“It’s an off-the-wall marketing idea that even Boost’s marketing team admits might not fly. “[It] made more sense when we were brainstorming,” it wrote in an announcement post, “but it’s too late now, we’re full steam ahead!”.

Coinjar contributes Boost Juice

BoostJuice initiates this beguiling service in association with Coinjar which is a one of the popular Bitcoin wallet company of Australia. As the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are heading up, various businesses are emerging with unique ideas to grow their business with cryptocurrency tag.

Crypto enthusiastic can now access to king of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin which is now indexing at $11019.90 by just adding code on Apps.

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