Apple Orders Coinbase Wallet to Remove DApp (Decentralized Application)

Coinbase has been ordered by Apple to remove crypto collectibles in its IOS app wallets. Apple continues to ban DApps that sell digital goods.

Particularly, the approach came after a proposed game War Riders, featured on Coinbase wallet iOS app. The game was immediately withdrawn as it is allegedly against Apple’s policies. War Riders is a blockchain-based game that rewards players with non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

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Coinbase alerted the company behind War Riders that it will be withdrawing the iOS version of the game since the wallet is not allowed to feature DApps that sells digital goods.

Coinbase added that the game was the only DApp featured on its iOS wallet that sells NFTs. However, Coinbase wallet’s Android version continues to list DApps like war riders that sell fungible tokens.

Apple’s History with Crypto

However, this development is the latest in Apple’s strained relationship with crypto. Apple had recently banned apps that featured functionalities that allowed crypto mining. Apple once removed a game that allowed players to win bitcoin.

But then, apart from the announcement made regarding crypto mining apps, Apple has not been able to clearly define policies that forbid NFTs. The iOS app store review guidelines do not contain any information that restricts NFTs apps.

However, Viktor Radchenko CEO of Trust Wallet revealed that NFTs apps are forbidden under Apple’s In-App Purchase rules. Radchenko had made his frustration known in a tweet. The tweet revealed that Apple is not comfortable with digital goods, and they had told Trust Wallet to remove all digital goods Dapps or else they risk being sanctioned.

War Riders

Certified the company behind War Riders revealed that the game has a maximum of 1,180,000 vehicles, and 30,000 of these vehicles are premium vehicles. The CEO of the DApp Vlad Kartashov stated that the game is already receiving buzz from the crypto community.

Kartashov explained that the game’s theme is perfect for post-apocalyptic game fans. He added that the vehicles available for purchase on the DApp will be modernized. Thus not follow the existing trend of post-apocalyptic games featuring 70s car models.

The game will have its native ERC20 token called benzene (BZN), this will be used as money by the players.

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