This New App Can Show Bitcoin Transactions Without Internet


Now you can deal with your bitcoin transactions offline. Yes! You got it right. Samourai Bitcoin wallet and goTenna, decentralized communications startup is launching an app which is active without internet connection.


The goTenna, NewYork based startup was found in 2012 by Jorge Perdomo and Daniela. The startup is pairing up with Samourai Wallet to launch an android app that can be used for transactions without internet.

It doesn’t seem to be too easy, one need to have device called goTenna mesh that costs $179. The txTenna app will allows users to sync their mobile with goTenna device. Later, using UHF frequencies, allows you to transact offline and send bitcoin with cellular data.

Richard Myers goTenna engineer said:

“You need to be able to spend your bitcoin even in disaster areas. As long as you have a way to charge your phone, you can be up and meshed and communicating”.

As such, on Samourai Wallet users have to create a standard bitcoin transaction offline. However, the information of transaction is passed on to txTenna app through paired goTenna mesh device that broadcasts it to nearby mesh nodes. Therefore, every transaction depends on information of transactions until it is running the txTenna app and also connected to data. Since, till the last device syncs with a phone, it will send your transaction info through to the Bitcoin network.

On the consideration, if you’re in remote area, you need intermediary mesh devices between you and another goTenna gizmo that’s have cellular data connectivity.

Myers adds:

“It offers an alternative that is more censorship-resistant. It’s going to obscure who you are and where you’re at when making these transactions. So that’s a big privacy advantage there”.

However, the process uses a free and unlicensed radio frequency. Besides, its not the first partnership to explore such potential for crypto systems.

Most significantly, the crypto wallet will be an open source project on txTenna aspect. Certainly, goTenna’s tram was first inspired by the Samourai’s Wallet open source communication tools on Github, as to come up with bitcoin startup.

Richard Myers explains:

“It absolutely could work with any software wallet and they [Samourai Wallet developers] are not writing it specifically for the Samourai wallet anyway. It will be something any wallet provider could send transactions through”.

On top, the app requires massive adoption for the mesh network to make it effective.

Do you have any other alternative to internet access to make bitcoin transaction from remote locations? Let’s discuss on Twitter and Telegram.

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