Apollo Foundation announce to Launch a new version – Apollo2020

Apollo foundation has announced to launch a new version Apollo 2020. As per the reports, it is the firm’s roadmap for a post-blockchain future.

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The main objective of the platform is the development of DAG which is directed acyclic graph and making Apollo as the first cryptocurrency projects to build the decentralized, post-blockchain consensus technology.

The new version includes the development in ARKnet, a decentralized application infrastructure; smart contract capabilities; a tokenization platform; Apollo Cloud, a decentralized cloud storage service; and national currency initiative in Africa, in partnership with ADF Group.

Steve McCullah, director of business development says : 

“Apollo’s 2020 vision is to become a next-generation, post-blockchain cryptocurrency. We’re architecting a post-blockchain distributed ledger technology based on the advanced principles of DAG consensus,”. “This technology will put Apollo’s features above the competition. With an expected TPS of at least one million, Apollo will offer capabilities surpassing anything on the market today.”


The foundation is developing a decentralized application infrastructure within the Apollo ecosystem – ARKnet. This enables the creation of a decentralized internet without the limitations of current blockchain systems. The platform claims that the ARKnet will offer advantages such as security, transparency, and persistence in operational processes. Thus, it will be the most powerful decentralized application infrastructure on the market. 

Apollo Cloud

Apollo Cloud will be one of the first decentralized, near-limitless cloud storage systems. It will be affordable and practical.

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