An Apartment in New York on sale for $45 mln cryptocurrency

As per Wall Street Journal reports on April 11, New York’s Upper East six-storey building is on sale for $30 mln in fiat currency or $45mln in the digital currency.

Claudio Guazzoni de Zanett a Blockchain seed and angel investor of Cryptocurrency stated that he will welcome Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple (XRP) for the property which is noted for a reason that is the higher price in crypto. The price is somewhere around $45 mlm vs. $29.95 mln because of crypto market’s volatility.

Zannet couple

Zannet is a co-founder of hedge fund Zanett Asset Management in the year 1992 and later in the year 2015 established Lyster-Zanett. Basically, Lyster-Zanett’s LinkedIn profile describes it has a “multi-manager Master/Feeder Hedge Fund. It is focused on US small/mid-cap equity markets, cryptocurrency and Blockchain investments.

The apartment which is listed on the sale made news made last March. However, when Zanett and his spouse were imposing on penalty of $8,000 for renting it online. As per rental units for short-term stay is less than 30 days and is illicit in NewYork.

Real estate and cryptocurrency

Several countries around the world are initiating to purchase properties in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has brought hype to real estate deal. The countries where investors can purchase real estate in cryptocurrencies are Miami, Dubai, New York, Lake Tahoe and Bali.

Earlier, UNESCO World Heritage site is also reported to be listed on sale in Ibiza. It is for 1,850 BTC and Caribbean Island was auctioned for 570 BTC.

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