AMPL, FXC, Aave Record Losses As Markets Swing Bearish

Within the ongoing general bull markets, few altcoins are seen to be in a downtrend. Although many of these types have gained considerably in time past but happen to shrink lately.

Ampleforth continues its 3-day losses with 14.6% while others like Flexacoin [FXC] and Aave [LEND] also recorded slight losses within the last 24 hours.

This category of top performers features in the list below as they have certain market recognition amid other competing cryptocurrencies.

#1. Ampleforth (AMPL 14.16% Loss):

AMPL is first on the list today. The top gainer crypto made profit of around 14% within the last 24 hours.

Roughly 11% of market respondents guess more selling pressure will pull down the price of AMPL in the short term.

AMPL, recorded losses in all timelines. The coin is down -1.5% in the last year and also by 64% in the last 30 days. AMPL lost roughly 65% in the last week and down 1.1% in the last hour. 

Currently trading at $0.84, AMPL has a market capitalization of $319 million amid exchange volume values at $32 million on 24 hours average.

#2. Flexacoin (FXC 3.96% Loss):

FXC ranks second on this record with a 24-hour percentage loss of around 4%. Many traders understand that this is the outset of a price rally for FXC as 92% of respondents are bullish on Flexacoin.

The coin is up by around 14.4% since last year and by 46.1% within the last two weeks. However, the coin marks 60% gain within the last month but lost 3.1% within the last hour.

FXC is now changing hands at $0.005 amidst 24-hour trading volume hovering around $713,000. The coin’s market capitalization is hovering around $150 million.

#3. Aave (LEND 2.88% Loss):

LEND is 3rd our classification of top losers on today’s list. The coin has lost around 15% since yesterday.

LEND accomplished brightly within the last year with a 6,902% profit. The coin accrued profits last month with 109% and has gained around 30% within the last seven days.

Currently trading at $0.31, it seems the market belief is bullish in the short term. Roughly 85% of market respondents are bullish while 25% remain bearish on LEND.

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