Price Analysis: AMPL, ERD, REP Price Plunge, Bears Gain Market Control

The markets didn’t come without losses in the last 24 hours. It appears few altcoins are showing little or no correlation to BTC markets and the consequences are fatal.

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Since yesterday, the altcoin to accrue more losses happened to be AMPL as ERD and Augur both recorded similar price sentiments.

In today’s market watch, we present a series of cryptocurrencies set aside as a matter of interesting market motion and price history.

#1. Ampleforth (AMPL 21.29% Loss):

Coming first place today is AMPL. The top loser crypto lost around 22%% within the last 24 hours.

Approximately 8.9 of 10 (89%) of traders think additional buying pressure will skyrocket the price of AMPL within a short term timeframe. 

AMPL, similar to the others on the record, had a good year, accruing gains up to 60.1%. Within the last seven days, however, the coin lost around 41% of its value.

The accrued loss proceeded two-week loss of 10% and the difference leaves the top loser in a loss altogether. In the last hour, the coin is down 3.2%.

Currently trading at $1.75, AMPL has a market capitalization of $594 million amid exchange volume values at $77 million on 24 hours average.

#2. Elrond (ERD 13.5% Loss):

Elrond comes second on today’s list with a staggering 13.5% loss in the last 24 hours.

The coin’s market impression is fairly bearish with 44% of market respondents nominating for a bearish stretch into the ripe of the trading day. 

The price narrative of Elrond within the last one year looks impressive. Since last year till date, ERD has gained 674% and about 427% since last month. 72.8% in the last two weeks and 3.4% loss in the last hour. 

ERD is currently trading at $0.025 amid a 24-hour market capitalization of $350 million. Within several exchanges, more than $140 million ERD was exchanged in the last 24 hours. 

#3. Augur (REP 8.45% Loss):

Augur is making some traction recently. Being last on our list today, the cryptocurrency is down 9% in the past day. 

Augur’s market sentiment is overly bullish with 76% positivities. Although a 24% skeptical population exists, the market is likely going bullish from here on. 

Augur’s last gains may have been instigated by several inbound growths of the protocol and its organization. These comprise a REP token migration scheduled for July 28 and an upcoming platform version 2 (v2) launch. 

REP tokens celebrated a sleek year. The token increased about 81% in the last year and is also up by around 31% in the last 30 days. The coin keeps recording gains into the moments with a 1.5% gain within the last hour. 

Each Augur token is currently being exchanged for $20.96 as the market capitalization reduces to $280 million. 

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Dare Shonubi

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