AMPL Secures 80% 24-Hour Profit. BSV, SNX Follow Suit With Decent Gains

The crypto markets, as of present, can be conveniently said to be undergoing good times. It is because both bitcoin and major altcoins collectively make impressive gains.

The markets have invariably left both investors and traders with long-awaited earnings necessary to cover the losses accrued in the past.

Within the ongoing bullish campaigns, we collate a list of top-performing cryptocurrencies that have made massive moves within the last 24 hours. And although bitcoin seems not to make the list today, we are certain that the moves seen in some altcoins are of great interest to the ecosystem.

#1. Ampleforth (AMPL 76% Gain):

It is AMPL that draws the most attention today. The coin takes the top position conveniently today having gained around 80% within the last 24 hours.

It is not surprising to see AMPL take a top position today. Within the last three to four days, the coin has lost considerably against the US dollars. Such an amount of losses equaled around 105%.

Today’s gains are to measure up the losses before AMPL makes further moves upwards.

AMPL records gains in the one-year timeline. It’s up 62%, although lost 57% in the last one week. AMPL is currently trading at $1.23 with a market cap of about $450 million.

#2. Bitcoin SV (BSV 11.4% Gain):

BSV takes the second spot today amid the crypto markets top gainers. Again, it’s not surprising to see BSV stick to this position has remained relatively silent for a while now.

Within last week, BSV made our list of top gainers when the coin gained around 8% on Saturday. And since, BSV has maintained a good momentum, although not gaining much, but also not losing to the tides.

As of the time of writing, BSV is changing hands at $240 around a market cap of $4.4 billion.

#3. Synthetix Network Token (SNX 9.95% Gain):

SNX takes the third place in today’s list. The coin is up around 10%.

SNX amazed some gains within the week consistently. The coin moved up 22.4% within the last 7 days. Also, in the one-month timeframe, SNX gained  76.2% and is still up around 1,461% within the last year. 

SNX made gains throughout all timelines till the last hour with 1.3%. The coin is currently trading at $4.01 and its the market cap is hovering at $451  million.

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