AMD – GPU maker releases new sofware package for cryptocurrency mining

AMD the Graphic Card maker (GPU) is now releasing the new software designing specifically for cryptocurrency mining. Accordingly, one can perceive it on its website, the “Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute” is determined as beta level. It is determined towards improving GPU’s performance that is proposed for mining.

Cryptocurrency mining

Since mining refers to a procedure of adding new transactions to a blockchain and creating tokens as a reward; this release from AMD is proposed for a growing demand of GPUs. This release is further obsessed by preeminent prices of cryptocurrency market like Ethereum.

In fact, the rising demand of cryptocurrency & boom of graphic cards adds the growing potential for AMD and rival chip maker Nvidia. However, these companies were in high debate these days subsequently but the focus of AMD is somewhat bearish stance towards the market of cryptocurrency mining.

Moreover, both firms are gaining a good amount of profit since users are rushing to acquire GPUs. Indeed, CEO of Nvidia declared that cryptocurrencies are “here to say”.

AMD released the driver in a beta version now. The driver is a piece of software that facilitated computers to communicate with hardware components. It further speaks AMD is aimed to keep miners around for years to come.

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