Amazon Web Service (AWS) Release Managed Blockchain Services

According to reports, Amazon is launching two new blockchain services. These services supports Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. The company aims at making it easier to use the two most popular blockchain frameworks.

About a year ago, AWS chief executive officer, discarded any form of interest in blockchain servicesBut, there has been a turn around in his decision in a year. Today, AWS is launching two new blockchain services. Moreover, they include

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  • Quantum Ledger Database
  • The Amazon Managed Blockchain

AWS Managed Blockchain is a managed blockchain service which supports Ethereum and Hyperledger FabricAccording to Andy Jassy, the services rendered is going to make it much easier to use the two most popular blockchain frameworks.

He added that companies make use of Hyperledger Fabric when they are aware of the number of members in their blockchain network. Moreover, it’s also patronising when companies want a robust private operations and capabilities.

The plan is to ensure that the service goes to thousands of applications. This will allow users run millions of transactions. Although, the type of latency is not mentioning.

According to reports, Hyperledger Fabric’s support is launching today. Ethereum support will be launched some months from now. Carrying out Managed Blockchain requires the use of the AWS Console and configuring nodes. Additioanlly, including members and deploying applications are also showing involvement.

AWS Blockchain Services

Behind The Scenes

The talk of blockchain by people often brought about a confusing twist about what the people really wanted. But, after spending time with the customers, it became clear what the people need from blockchain, confessed Jassy.

The Guardian Life Insurance Company is a financial service and insurance company. They cover life and disability insurance, employee benefits, and dental insurance. CTO and Head of Innovation, Daniel Johnson, gave insight into his company plans after the advancement by their partners.

Taking a queue from their partners vast ecosystem, they are analysing the decentralization and immutable tracking advantages of blockchain for future applications in our insurance business. They believe blockchain will improve the transparency and efficiency for stakeholders in networks to transact. It will also ensure an independent lineage of activities.

Workday, Senior Vice President, Jon Ruggiero, echoed future prospects after the advancement. Saying, AWS has been incredible in the journey to innovate in the field of blockchain. He added, with Amazon Managed Blockchain, we are able to create a more efficient blockchain network. Moreover, they are able to configure our member nodes in minutes.

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