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Amazon Presents A New Browser Moon To Allow User Buy Products Via Crypto

Amazon enables shoppers to buy their favorite products using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through their new web browser extension- Moon.

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Moon is a new web browser extension which will now let shoppers pay any amount in cryptocurrencies for products on Amazon.

    A recent tweet by @Bitcoin confirms that customers will now be able to pay using Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash on Amazon. Moreover, Moon Technologies is behind the Moon browser extension developing this project and currently is still in the beta phase.

    If a user is looking to use this extension, they need to initially download it and register an account. Then they have to connect their Coinbase account. This move will let them make purchases right from their Coinbase wallet.

    Currently, the exchange Coinbase is the only platform supporting this base. However, there are more such plans for adding a majority of exchanges to this Moon extension in the coming future.

    The Moon Technologies official website also display details on how the various e-commerce platforms including eBay and Walmart can eventually add to the list. Also, the company mention that Moon will identify the user if they are in the checkout process, or at the point they are willing to click on “Pay with Moon” to finish up their purchase immediately and securely.

    The Medium post specifies that this Moon browser might intend not to charge any fees. As per our research on the Moon Technologies, there was a Reddit post which is two months old talking about the company’s plans on launching a browser extension to allow customer shop anywhere through Bitcoin.

    The CEO and founder at Moon Technologies, Kenneth Kruger is the owner of the Reddit account: Binarytree. This same account has also been very frank regarding the privacy policy of Moon. The company asks for the user details like

    • First and last name
    • Email address
    • Cookies
    • Data usage
    • IP address
    • Browser type
    • Browser version

    Moon is not anonymous in order to comply with KYC/AML as well as other laws, according to Binarytree.

    This feels great to see a company so transparent regarding what information they ask and gathers. They also keep clear about who they need to distribute user relevant info too. In anyways, the new opportunity to pay on Amazon using cryptocurrency seems to be a big step in incorporating mainstream adoption.

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