Lark Davis Lists Top 6 Altcoins to Vouch This Month!


Recording a few minor dips in the last week , the cryptocurrency market has slowed down its pace. Regardless of this popular trader and influencer has listed 6 promising altcoins for the month if match to cashify.

Altcoins have shown increased potential and have advanced themselves, experts calling it a season of altcoins

With all the crypto craze going around Lark Davis gives his subscribers a glimpse of what could be worth paying attention to in the month of March.

Top Altcoins to Consider this Month

The first one being Cardano’s native ADA which recorded huge growth in the last month. He mentioned that Mary’s hard fork will help the altcoin to take its next few steps. Cardano is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency which shot from $0.3 to $1.48. 

With the parachains auction scheduled up PolkaDot’s Kusama is said to be kept on the watchlist. Kusama has been making a comeback in the past month, doubling its price to now at $209.

Litecoin is not surely making a headline but according to Davis it might all change and tables might turn. He believes, 

The upcoming Mimblewimble upgrade could cause enough stir to see Litecoin making some new highs and finally getting into price discoveries. It has been lagging behind a lot of its peers. In fact, Litecoin has a few decent price catalysts coming up in the next few months including the Flare Network token drop.

At number four is blockchain scaling solution Polygon (MATIC). Ethereum 2.0 is yet to launch which is making the traders explore alternatives. As per YCharts data, they hit a yearly high at $39.49 a week ago and are currently at $11.48, this can be one of the major setbacks.

Decentralized derivatives exchange Injective Protocol (INJ) is the fifth crypto pitched by Davis and stating that, 

 It’s a fully decentralized layer-two exchange, low fees, high speed, all the stuff you want in a decentralized exchange. Allowing you to trade any markets in and out of crypto, Injective has absolutely been smashing it with big partnerships left, right, and center, teaming up with Avalanche (AVAX), Marlin (POND), Ocean, Unilend (UFT)… It’s also introduced in the last few weeks, forex markets as well as stock trading, so bringing in those derivatives markets.”

The last one being DEX Uniswap. According to Davis, It’s getting more and more likely by the day that we’re going to get an announcement about Uniswap v3 coming out, which will mean two very, very key things for the UNI token. This will bring fees to use Uniswap from the current $50-60 to like a cent per trade-in gas fees.

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