Altcoin Season Is Back- These Cryptocurrencies See A Major Uptrend

The cryptocurrency market is totally unpredictable, as it is quite common to see these altcoins having a roller coaster ride. Past few days most of altcoins are seen enjoying their Green days having an uptrend movement. Among a wide range of currencies, these are the altcoins experiencing a major uptrend:

Kucoin Shares

Kucoin Shares is currently on the 66th position having an increase of 9.77%. At the time of writing the altcoin was trading at $0.850 resistance levels with the marketcap value of $76,463,426. Kucoin Shares, currently has a supply of 89,939,916 KCS. Kucoin Shares average change within the 24-hour period is $1,544,898.

Recently, during February, the altcoin launched the Kucoin Platform 2.0. The CEO at Kucoin, Michael Gan said

Our Platform 2.0 brings many features that target institutional investors, and their attendance will contribute a lot to our market depth and trading volume alike. Meanwhile, another focus for us is to expand the use cases of KCS in the real world. One good example of this is that we recently worked with ETHLend to allow our users to get a crypto loan with KCS.


Ravencoin is another such altcoin which is enjoying its green day with an uptrend of 11.05%. At the time of writing RVN was trading at $0.030753 with a marketcap value of $96,127,980. Ravencoin is on the 60th position with a circulating supply of 3,125,820,000 RVN. The average change of RVN in 24 hour period is $9,553,981.

Ravencoin is currently a part of the ongoing meme competition and this altcoin is expected to be pretty close to winning. Trending news about this week is how Ravencoin’s second annual SLC meetup’s video is finally making the rounds on social media. Although it is an interesting event, videos like these will not influence the RVN price in any significant manner.


Augur is currently on the 37th position, trading at $15.05 having an uptrend movement of 8.19%. REP has a marketcap value of $165,535,191. The circulating supply of REP is 11,000,000 REP. The altcoin saw an average volume change of $3,707,721 within the 24 hour period.


At the time of writing ONT was on the 18th position and trading at $1.12. The altcoin saw an uptrend movement of 6.73% in the past 24-hours. Ontology, currently has a marketcap value of $553,203,006. Also, the circulating supply of ONT is 494,823,234ONT.

Although it is hard to predict how these altcoins will vary. It is expected that a potential retrace may occur even more sooner than the people think it would.

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These Altcoins See A Major Uptrend In Past 24-hour Period
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These Altcoins See A Major Uptrend In Past 24-hour Period
In the past 24-hours, the altcoins such as Kucoin Shares, Ravencoin, Augur, and Ontology saw a major Uptrend in the past 24 hours.
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