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Price Analysis: ALGO, MIOTA, and SNX With 25% Cumulative Gains

Our second wave of top gainers today features ALGO, MIOTA, and SNX. These set of cryptocurrencies have gained more in the markets than any other altcoins.


And, for one reason or the other, these top gainers are worthy of recognition as they promise much more gains in the future. 

With an overall profit of roughly 25%, SNX leads this category of top performers as both ALGO and MIOTA compete radically for the runner up positions. 

#1. Algorand (ALGO 8% Gain):

ALGO appears first on our preference market watch list today having made gains roughly 8%.

The coin conserves a slight market favor among traders who understand ALGO may finally bounce and recoil some gains. It’s rise to fall possibility ratio is around 73% : 27%.

ALGO is amassing both a tough year and day. In the one year timeline, the coin is down by almost 41.1%. Also down by 8.3% in the last 7 days, ALGO enjoyed a 30% rise in the last month.

Currently changing hands at $0.33, ALGO’s market are altogether capped at $270 million amid exchange volumes around $139 million.

#2.  IOTA (MIOTA 7.55% Gain):

MIOTA is the second coin in this class on our top loser’s list of the day. The top gainer increased roughly 8% in the last 24 hours. The coin’s market sentiment is almost entirely bullish with 90% positivity.

MIOTA is up almost 8% since last year and up 0.1% since the last hour. Regardless, the coin improved by 41.1% within the last month and is up by around 11.5% in the last seven days.

MIOTA is currently trading at $0.30 with the 24-hour market cap strong at $736 million. In extension, the coin’s exchange volumes within the last day are $36 million.

#3. Synthetic Network Token (SNX 5% Up):

SNX takes the third place on our list today. The crypto earned around 5% since the last day.

Nearly 100% of market respondents think SNX will get more profits into the end of the trading day.

The coin is one of the top gainers in a one-year timeline with about 1,500% gain since last year. SNX is up by around 190% since last month and 56% since last week. The coin keeps making gains to present with around 4% in the last hour.

The profits seen are in assortment with Defi token rallying lately due to institutional attention in crypto which was expressed previously by Grayscale.

SNX currently trades at $3.41 with an average daily market cap of $377 million.

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