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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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May 23, 2022


The metaverse has enormous business potential. According to Goldman Sachs, the metaverse’s global market opportunity is 3,75 trillion dollars, with a maximum market opportunity of 12,46 trillion dollars.

The metaverse is attracting both individuals and corporations. In 2026, it is anticipated that 25% of people would spend at least one hour each day in the metaverse, and 30% of organizations will have metaverse-related products and services.

People are already aware of and interested in the metaverse, but there are currently few outlets to participate. In 2022, 74 percent of US individuals will have joined or are contemplating entering the metaverse, with 14 percent being “extremely familiar,” 33 percent “interested,” and 18 percent “enthusiastic” about it.

The team behind the Lofts Business Club NFT project takes advantage of the metaverse to provide a new method to form social relationships and conduct online business.

Let us present you to this land of infinite possibilities – Agoraverse

What is Agoraverse?

The Agora is an e-commerce metaverse, a web 3.0 shopping center where you may buy both digital and physical goods. The Agora is a blockchain-powered immersive virtual retail complex. This is the first of its kind.

Clothing stores, furniture stores, art stores, NFTs, and any other use case that fits with the Metaverse will be available in the Agora. It will also have mini-games and leisure spaces for power gamers and gamers, such as restaurants, bars, and clubs, to make your stay as fun as possible.

If you’re a company trying to expand into the metaverse, or a person looking for a new shopping experience ; Agoraverse is just what you require.

Metashops : open your store in the metaverse

A metashop is a store located within the Agora. It is held by a company or a person that sells digital or physical commodities. 

With Metashops you can live your shopping experience in 3D. It’s lonely to shop online; you may now ask your friends to join you in the Agora for all your online shopping activities. You may also shop with new folks while remaining anonymous and protected.

One of Agoraverse’s most ambitious goals is to be able to see items in 3D and try them on your avatar and in your “Loft”. It would enable you to make a more informed decision when purchasing anything online. This will bring it to (virtual) life.

Users may shop safely with the blockchain since transactions are made anonymously. By buying in Agora, you can keep your personal information and identity safe.

There are various types of Lofts that you can have access to in the Agora:

  • The Standard Loft : A fully customizable private virtual space that you can turn into an entertainment area, an office or even your own personal shop through an editor tool. The entry-level offer.
  • The Premium Loft : Larger than its Standard counterpart, owners will notice the clean and polished look as soon as they step through the door because of the high-quality, modern features and finishes. An exterior balcony area is also available to get a nice change of scenery.
  • The Exclusive Loft: the biggest and most lavish choice with two levels and an open floor design, this Loft is the largest and most opulent of options. It’s the ideal location for planning larger events and expressing your creativity.

Access Cards for Private Lofts

You must have one of the Access Cards (shown below) in your Solana wallet to obtain access to one of the private Lofts. There are 4400 Standard copies, 1100 Premium copies, and only 55 Exclusive Access Cards available right now.

Each Loft will come with several modification options: by default, it will resemble a living room. You’ll have the choice of turning it into a store or art gallery for your NFT collection, an office space, or fully emptying it and remodeling it to your liking.

Access Card holding benefits

  • The rarer the Access Cards, the better the prizes. The project’s website also currently temporarily hosts raffles where numerous NFTs are given away each week.
  • $AGORA token granted through staking your Access Card NFT
  • Access Card Upgrades using $AGORA as currency
  • Access to private spaces of the Agora
  • Early access to news and whitelist spots for upcoming projects
  • Real-life product discounts for Access Cardholders

Tokenomics — $AGORA

The $AGORA token is the Agora metaverse’s shopping currency. It will be used to purchase products from the different partnered Metashops, whether they sell NFTs or tangible objects.

The objective is to develop a currency that combines blockchain with real-world utility. With $AGORA, you may possibly plan your next road trip or even buy your engagement ring. The more businesses that join the Agora, the more $AGORA will be useful.

$AGORA will also contribute to the development of this large endeavor. It will reward users, creators, and holders for years to come. In other words, everyone who assists the ecosystem in achieving its objectives.

What is the purpose of $AGORA?

$AGORA has several use cases which include:

  • The short term utility: Reward holders through staking rewards in $AGORA, upgrade your Access Card, buy tickets for raffles on the raffle staking platform and participate in future NFT releases
  • Mid-term utility: Rent a metashop, Pay for on-demand 3D modeling services for metashops, and purchase NFTs inside the Agora.
  • Long-term utility: Purchase real items in the Agora and get cashback in $AGORA on your purchases, Play $AGORA-based mini-games in the Agora, the more utility, the stronger the token.

Token Distribution

  • Total supply: 1 000 000 000
  • Initial supply : 460 000 000 (46%)
  • Release timeline: 4 years

Key indicators:

  • Initial market cap: 5,9 M $
  • Initial fully diluted market cap: 13 M $
  • Initial market cap / liquidity ratio : 13,1%

Every six months, $AGORA will be produced, with funds held in seven distinct wallets that may be viewed at any time on the blockchain.

These tokens are aimed to offer early liquidity so that $AGORA may be exchanged for $USDT, giving the token genuine value. On the 3rd of June, an Initial Coin Offering will go live to raise additional funds for the project. 

A total of 16% of the tokens will be sold in order to provide long-term financing for the project. The liquidity pools will get 40% of the total funds raised, ensuring a stable and healthy token that provides a form of passive income to holders. A DEX, such as Raydium, will be used to add liquidity to the pool.

Regarding future VC fundraising funds, as well as liquidity pools on several CEX platforms, in order to reduce the quantity of initial liberated supply, these funds will be released in August 2022.


The team started The Loft Business Club with the goal of creating something new: a metaverse for businesses to promote their products and services, and for individuals to have a unique shopping experience. The goal is to be transparent throughout the process, offering many opportunities for engagement with the Agora community while also improving the environment and producing value for long-term investors. 

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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