Australian Beach Town, Agnes Water to Become Nation’s First Digital Currency Town

Agnes Water, Australian Beach town is a reckoning as the nation’s first digital currency town. The Beach town is initiating its step towards enhancing digital currencies. This was first started after real estate agent Gordon Christian began accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

Agnes Water’s plan to accept cryptocurrencies

Agnes Water has around 2,000 permanent residents in the area. The regional business such as accommodation providers, tour operators, hotels, lodging, pubs and bars in Agnes Water is accepting payment in cryptocurrencies. Gordon Christian comes up with this idea when he heard that Brisbane International Airport began accepting cryptocurrencies at various retail shops.

Advertisement Miners Garden

The Billboard at Agnes Water reads as “Welcome to Agnes Water-1770 Australia’s first Digital Currency town”, it is welcoming tourists with a gesture of love and respect. The city is endorsing coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, NEM, litecoin, and Ethereum.

It is worth to note that the Brisbane Airport is Australia’s third-busiest airport announced acceptance of cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins for the passengers coming at airport terminals. Moreover, the objective of Brisbane accepting cryptocurrencies was to streamline shopping for travelers at various terminals with digital currencies.

Various reviews on accepting cryptocurrencies

Arty Cipak, local tourism operators says “if trading in cryptocurrencies is helping tourists in the town and they will surely go for it”. Currently, 31 local businesses such as resorts, backpacking establishments, tour companies and hoteliers are receiving payment in cryptocurrencies. The crypto payment is accepting through an app, ” point-of-sale” which is developed by TravelbyBit. It is a startup initiated by Queensland-based crypto payments.

Why cryptocurrency for the travel industry

Caleb Yeoh CEO of TravelbyBit says that if people travel around the world, they have to deal with various currencies and the exchange rate are confusing. And at even times, people must struggle to find ATM and get dupe by the money changers. He adds people travelling with universally currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum makes sense.

Further, Yeoh claims that they have fetched merchants all over Australia and they are fitful. Prior, Australia’s first digital currency town will bait a team of international tourists to Agnes Water than the prevailing spots of the town.

Christian says that the plan to initiate the acceptance of cryptocurrency was not that hard. The team began and later shared with a few businesses and they were straight on the board. The international travelers also supported their move towards the cryptocurrencies as a mode of payments. In the beginning, there were just 10 businesses to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. As days passed on the number started increasing.

Isn’t it amazing that Australian Beach town Agnes Water is on an amicable journey to become country’s first digital currency town? Share your thoughts through Twitter and Telegram.

Image Source:- Agnes Water

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