Ad on WSJ by Cryptocurrency startup is a fun at Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon who is the CEO of JPMorgan told “Bitcoin is fraud” in September. As a fire back at Jamie Dimon, one of the cryptocurrency startup Eidoo took a full-page ad in the Wall street Journal.

Eidoo is the Switzerland-based startup and a cryptocurrency wallet company. The company has further plan of launching debit card to buy, sell or trade Ethereum and bitcoin.

 The ad on the page says,

“Maybe Jamie will fire you. But you will be free to trade in the crypto world.”

Ad on WSJ by Cryptocurrency startup is a fun at Jamie Dimon

The fire back has begun since Dimon said bitcoin a bubble and a fraud at the Barclays financial conference. He infuriated on those trading with cryptocurrency and for being stupid.

The wall street journal which covers breaking news and headlines from across the world, specifically US,

Charge approximately $354,823 for full page ad. But the company who has invested in full page ad on WSJ has recently raised over 79000 Ether through an ICO that valued up to $23700000.

ICOs have recently gained a lot of courtesies from investors and traders. Since it assists startups start their crypto business by inviting investors to participate.  Therefore, it has become great source of obtaining funds.

While few countries regulate ICO funding including China, few are releasing again as prices of cryptocurrency getting higher and higher again.


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