ABBC Price Analysis: ABBC Coin SkyRockets 11.05% In a Day

All thanks to the dramatic price rally, as a relatively silent cryptocurrency has created a lot of buzz in town. This silent crypto project is none other than the ABBC coin. This coin is drifting so much that it has even left Bitcoin and Ethereum behind.

After yesterday’s Red Day for most of the coins, even a little increase creates a lot excitement for most of us. After a big onslaught, the ABBC coin is reclaiming its value today with an increase upto 11.05%.

At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.22 with a marketcap value of $100,703,361 and a circulating supply of 457,482,597 ABBC. This upside push has ultimately helped the ABBC coin to mark itself on the 61st position today.

The month of March was a perfect month for ABBC coin as it was seen being listed on various exchanges. On March 14 the company ABBC Foundation made an announcement that the company reached a worldwide settlement with Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Currently, the court is yet to issue the official statement.

More interestingly, the coin is listed on the LBank exchanges making a detailed  announcement on their Twitter profile. Also, the company announced that it will be listing in 13 more top exchanges in Malta, South korea, America, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Furthermore it was again listed on the Bitker Exchange announcing the schedule on Twitter.

Quite recently, on March 24, ABBC was listed on Fcoin

Also, the ABBC coin is expected to be listed on Binance Exchange very soon.

Does ABBC coin have the potential to be listed on Binance Exchange? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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ABBC Coin Price Analysis: AlibabaCoin SkyRockets 11.05% In a Day
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ABBC Coin Price Analysis: AlibabaCoin SkyRockets 11.05% In a Day
Alibabacoin price is reaching its greater heights. ABBC coin also has the potential to be listed on the Binance Exchange. Many exchanges can list ABBC.
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