A Review Of Exscudo, A Fiat-Friendly Crypto Wallet And Payment Provider.

Author: Mustafa Mulla

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Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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With over 600 supported currency pairs and 10 fiat payment options, Exscudo is easily one of the most fiat-friendly crypto platforms. In this review, we’ll cover its FinTap wallet, payment gateway, and other products – as well as analyze why one particular user called Exscudo a scam back in 2019.

About Exscudo: one company, many groundbreaking products

Exscudo is an EU-licensed provider of crypto and fiat payment solutions.

Its product range includes a  wallet with a built-in messenger, a crypto payment gateway, a White Label solution, an SDK, and more. 

In the first 10 months of 2021, Exscudo reached $250 million in transaction volume – an impressive number for such a young project.

A lot of it is thanks to the unique crypto-fiat conversion features offered by Exscudo: reviews point out that the exchange rates are much better than on most other crypto platforms.

How is this possible? And is there a risk that Exscudo is a scam, as some have alleged? Read on to find out.

Fintap: a crypto-fiat wallet powered by Exscudo EON blockchain

The flagship offering by Exscudo is FinTap (formerly Channels), a non-custodial blockchain wallet that doubles as a crypto-fiat ramp and a secure messenger.

If you count all the crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat currency pairs that FinTap supports, you’ll get over 600 ways to convert money. 

Moreover, FinTap allows you to buy crypto using 10 different fiat payment systems, including SEPA transfers (for European residents), PayPal, MasterCard, etc.

No other crypto wallet offers so many fiat options. 

However, it’s at the stage of crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto conversions that real magic happens.

Behind the scenes, a built-in Exscudo exchange called the OTC Core scans multiple platforms  (exchanges, OTC services, etc.) and finds the best conversion rate for the selected currency pair. 

Next, thanks to a special risk hedging algorithm developed by Exscudo, coin price is locked for the duration of the transaction.

FinTap users don’t have to worry about slippage: the amount of crypto they receive as the result of a conversion is exactly as displayed in the search results. 

FinTap also features a messenger. It uses the latest cryptography to keep all messages 100% private, and you can send and receive cryptocurrency right in the messenger window.

We should also note that the transaction fees within the FinTap network are close to zero ($0.0000005 USD). This includes crypto transfers between Exscudo users.

Free transfers are possible thanks to the Exscudo EON blockchain, a proprietary network developed fully in-house and protected by a multilevel security system. 

Exscudo reviews by real users: is it true that someone called Exscudo a scam?

Exscudo’s FinTap (previously called Channels) wallet is available both for Android and iOS.

While the more recent Exscudo reviews are mostly very positive, some of the older ones (from 2019) complain that the app doesn’t work as expected and even call Exscudo scam.

Here are a few examples of both:

  • ‘Finally – a mix of a cool secure messenger and a crypto wallet’
  • ‘Well designed and stable’
  • ‘A new word in finance’
  • ‘Really great – very fast and safe’

But what about negative Exscudo reviews? In fact, searching through the review sections on both App Store and Play Store, we found only one comment, dated 2019, that implied Exscudo was a scam because the user had problems withdrawing cryptocurrency from the wallet.

We reached out for comment to the team, and they replied as follows:

‘The initial edition of the wallet did sometimes come in conflict with the code of Android’s earlier versions. So, for example, on some screens users didn’t see the Withdraw button. The particular user who called Exscudo scam because of that minor bug was contacted by our support team, and we helped him solve the issue. Since then, the FinTap wallet went through numerous updates, so now everything is working smoothly.”

Exscudo exchange and MultiAcquiring: attractive solutions for traders and merchants

While the FinTap wallet figures in most Exscudo reviews, the company is also actively working on solutions for the professional and business audience. Here we should point out:

  • MultiAcquiring: a payment processing solution allowing merchants to accept Bitcoin and other crypto. The acquiring gateway will leverage the company’s unique OTC Exchange Core to allow merchants to convert the crypto they receive into fiat at the best rates. 
  • Exscudo Springboard: a future space for launching new tokens on multiple chains (under development).
  • White Label & SDK: tools that allow entrepreneurs to launch new services that mirror FinTap and other Exscudo products or integrate some of their functionality.

The team expects  Multi Acquiring to become its key revenue generators together with FinTap, so we can expect many new Exscudo reviews written by e-Commerce and other business owners, as well as by professional traders. 

Can I buy Exscudo tokens?

Now that we’ve gone over the company’s highly innovative products and Exscudo reviews,  you might be asking yourself: is it possible to buy Exscudo coins or tokens anywhere? And if so, what is the Exscudo coin price? 

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward. In fact, there was an Exscudo ICO several years ago, and it was completed very successfully.

The proceeds from that initial Exscudo ICO helped build the powerful crypto-fiat product suite that Exscudo reviews praise today. 

However, a lot of the proceeds had to be refunded due to regulatory requirements, and you won’t find the original Exscudo EON asset on sale today.

This absolutely doesn’t make the initial token sale held in 2017 by Exscudo a scam: quite the contrary, looking at the results the platform achieved since you can see that the Exscudo ICO more than paid off. 

Right now the team is preparing for the next step in the platform’s development: an IDO, or Initial Decentralized Offering. It will allow Exscudo to integrate with the larger Defi industry. 

The IDO will introduce a new Exscudo coin – or, rather, token – called FTP, or FinTap Coin. Its main utility lies in the fact that FTP holders get large discounts on all service fees, be it for payment processing or fiat conversions.

FTP has already been audited by the blockchain security firm Hacken, which didn’t find any vulnerabilities.

The audit report, plus the company’s established reputation, is solid evidence that the upcoming IDO of Exscudo is not a scam, unlike many other crypto projects out there. 

So far there is no set date for the IDO, but it’s worth monitoring the updates. Detailed information about the wallet, crypto-fiat conversions, and other services can be found on the official FinTap website.

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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