Study Says That 40 Percent of People Receives Salaries in Cryptocurrencies

The company found out that 4 percent are already ready to receive payment in cryptocurrencies. 44 percent thought it was great to receive payment in crypto. Clients of rising People, can, from last year, pay employees in cryptocurrencies.  

A research by Midex reveals that 40 percent of people are ready to accept salaries in cryptocurrencies. Although involving just a few people — only fifty employees from five international organizations — the research, it could reveal a little bit of improvement in public view over crypto.

It also echoes the main issues for employees and public about crypto.

Researchers suggested to employees that they would opt to receive their salaries in crypto instead of traditional money. Although they got the news in shock, 36 percent says they were happy to receive the salary in crypto. Some worried about the legality of the situation while some said crypto was a bubble that would not last. 4 percent were prepared to have salary paid in cryptocurrencies.

A few companies are doing something about having their workers receive salaries in crypto as an option to traditional payment methods. GMO Internet said last year it will start to offer the option of Bitcoin-denominated salaries for workers starting March this year. It has 4,000 employees. Midex, which combines blockchain technology with modern banking, is another company that hopes to facilitate this.

Their ICO is ongoing and targets to sell 25 million tokens (MDX) and have already sold over 18 million or about $20.5 million for the price of 0.00296 ETH per token.

Already, some companies and businesses pay their employees in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One is a Rise People client who pays employees a regular salary partially in cryptocurrency. Rise People said in July that their clients can pay their workers in crypto. Roy Breidi is one such client who allows workers to choose to receive part of their salary in crypto of their choice.

But the story of employees investing in crypto is a different one. A December 2017 survey revealed that 31 percent of South Korean professionals are invested in cryptocurrencies. The survey by Saramin web portal showed that 44.1% of surveyed workers have invested less than 1 million won (US$930).

In addition, 12.9 percent invested over ₩10 million, or $9,300 in crypto.

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