3D printed M1911 Handgun Software launch: Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson is a famous cypherpunk and counts among the bitcoin ‘community’. He is known for creating “Liberator” which is the first working 3D printed gun. The liberators blueprints downloads 100000 times in just 2 days while US government troubled his business.

Wilson is also driven among bitcoiners for working with former bitcoin developer and anarchist, Amir Taaki- Dark Wallet privacy-centric bitcoin client. The DD founder is one of the “most dangerous men in the US” by mainstream media and been discussing the new launch with news outlets.

10% ghost gunner revenue for Bitcoin accounts

Using a similar structure like Colt 45, the M1911 semiautomatic pistols allows to make other handgun models. Further, he shares the details of company plans to create a wide range of untraceable pistol models. Moreover, he says the business gets about 10% of its revenue in bitcoin.

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DD founder explains,

“The whole cypherpunk attitude of total gun privacy is more coherent in this smaller package — Now you can have a private 1911 or a private Glock, and it’s at the level of automated manufacturing”.

Taking Crypto-Anarchy to a whole new level

Additionally, Wilson explains why he create the new handgun software during Sunday crypto show broadcast. However, not everyone wants an AR-15 rifle because it’s quite big gun says DD founder. The company’s Ghost Gunner products is not an easy task. There are other companies that have tried to create 3D printed gun mills, Wilson explains to Crypto Show host.

Wilson is delights with his company’s 3d print pistol milling machines. He tells Ars Technica that,

“A lot of our 3D-printed work reaches its apex when you can make handguns. Handguns are the essence of this project, so, when you can give people the means to make them, it’s the refinement of the project. It’s basically announcing the completion of the initial Ghost Gunner project — now it’s a machine that can make pistols for people — We got there.”

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